Called “New York’s Top Tot Shop” by Variety, Animation Collective is a dynamic force in the creation of independently produced animated content for kids.

Focused primarily on producing its own proprietary IP, but also collaborating with select clients on a work for hire basis, the studio produced Kappa Mikey, Nickelodeon’s first ever global acquisition, Ellen’sAcres, Three Delivery, Speed Racer the Next Generation, The Dancing Sushi, Wulin Warriors, Incredible Crash Dummies and Thumb Wresting Federation.

On average, Animation Collective delivered one animated episode each week for two years, becoming the largest independent animation studio in NewYork. Its shows were translated into more than 20 languages for over 125 territories around the world and the company was the largest independent American supplier of animated kid’s content to the BBC, Canal + and ABC Australia. Animation Collective was also the largest independent supplier of programming to America Online’s kid’s platform KOL and Red, its teen platform.

Animation Collective was known not only for the prolificacy of its concept generation, but for the strength of its characters, stories and scripts. Referred to as “the finishing school of American comedy,” Animation Collective discovered and nurtured a group of writers that have gone on to become show runners, head writers and staff members of highly acclaimed series including Saturday Night Live, Veep, The Daily Show, The Office and Silicon Valley.



Animation Collective’s hit Nicktoons series Kappa Mikey