Rumpus is an award winning toy, interactive and multi-media company.

Rumpus, a pioneer in creating product-based multi-platform entertainment operated the first online kid’s channel featuring regularly scheduled animated and live action short and long form content, produced entirely in-house, as well as games, activities and e-commerce.

Rumpus created the first online feature-length animated movie and the first online 3-D cartoon and produced a line of award winning toys and books. The company’s collectable toy Eggels, was the #1 selling point of purchase toy at Tots R Us in the United States.  Its plush character Gus Gutz was the British Tot and Hobby Association’s Toy of the Year.

Rumpus’ Herschel Hopper New York Rabbit and The Day I Saved America, became the first content properties created for online to be broadcast on television when they were licensed by Showtime Family.